Are you ready to invest in your health?

Have you struggled with what to eat?
Has the media completely confused you on what is healthy and
unhealthy, as if all foods fit into only those two categories?

Here, all foods fit into the diet.

I’m sure you’ve heard “everything in moderation” and that can be true!
My approach is to find a way to incorporate the nutrients your body needs to
thrive, on a schedule that fits your lifestyle and budget.
My goal is to individualize the plan we make to fit you, because no two
bodies are the same. 
By individualizing my advice to fit you and only you,
this ensures it will be helpful and sustainable.

    My Philosophy

Nutrition is about so much more than just what we eat.

Food relates us to our culture and traditions- like roast turkey on Thanksgiving or cake on your birthday. Food relates us to our loved ones- like sharing a cup of coffee or creating a meal together. Food relates us to ourselves, when we find comfort in a home cooked meal, or relieve stress by letting someone else cook the meal.

Nutrition is about being able to find foods that you enjoy eating and nourish your body.

Remember: there is more to life than what is on your plate! Let me help take the stress out of eating.